Share Holding Pattern

Display NameNo of Shares% Share of HoldingDemat SharesShare Holders
Total Foreign (Promoter and Group) 00.0000
Individuals / Hindu Undivided Family-Indian (Promoter and Group)2,57,25043.052,57,05017
Indian (Promoter and Group) 2,57,25043.052,57,05017
Total of Promoter2,57,25043.052,57,05017
Non Promoter (Institution) 00.0000
Bodies Corporate25,2704.2324,07022
Clearing Members50.0052
NRIs/Foreign Individuals/Foreign Nationals7,4251.247,4254
Individuals holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh52,8958.8552,8953
Individuals holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh2,54,65542.621,54,7401,051
Non Promoter (Non-Institution) 3,40,25056.952,39,1351,082
Total Non Promoter3,40,25056.952,39,1351,082
Total Promoter and Non Promoter5,97,500100.004,96,1851,099
Custodians(Against Depository Receipts) 00.0000
Grand Total5,97,500100.004,96,1851,099